Dee C'rell [pronounced Dee Ce-Rell] was born in Hackney and grew up in Shoreditch, central London. He is a proffesional music composer, pianist and keyboard player, electroacoustic composer, installation artist, remixer, DJ, photographer, writer and academic. He composes and releases music worldwide in a variety of genres and he is signed to IMAGEM Music and also ROBA in Germany.  As an academic, he is a leading expert on contemporary electro-acoustic jazz, for which he is acknowledged for the coined terminology for academic study. He currently spends his time between Germany and the U.K. 


Originally a self-taught musician and prolific improviser who studied the mathematical structure of Western music within composition, Dee C’rell is an academic of music and has studied at City University in London with: Professor Steve Stanton in Ethnomusicology. Professor Denis Smalley in Western music and electroacoustic music. Professor Alexander Lingus in both, primary and contemporary Western Music. Dr. Melania Bucciarelli in the music styles of the Baroque. Dr. Miguel Mera in film and composition. Dr. Newton Armstrong in contemporary Western music making practices. Andy Channing in Balinese, and Indonesian gamelan. Dr. Katharine Norman in electrocacoustic music. Dr. Aki Pasoulas in electroacoustic music. Dr. Ambrose Seddon in electroacoustic music.

He has also studied jazz, contemporary piano and improvisation with pianist Christopher Wilson at Blackheath Conservatoire, and jazz piano with David Frankel at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. As a teacher, Dee C'rell lectures on the principles of contemporary electro-acoustic jazz. His primary focus is on the emerging development of European music and its relationship with Western and non-Western music, electroacoustic music and the interaction of technology, and improvisational music making practices. 

Music History

Although an understated musician and composer, Dee C'rell is acknowledged as an influential musician and producer within the progression of the  British dance music scene. He is associated with a diverse range of electronic dance genres since its principal years, writing and remixing for some of the most well known and respected singers, DJ's and producers. In the 1990s, he appeared in an article as one of the three most influential keyboard-producers working in American house music alongside, Jimi Polo and Tommy Barbarella, with many DJ’s worldwide subsequently believing he was actually born American.

He has appeared on a variety of electronic dance music genres and is recognized by connoisseurs for his influences on classic club tracks such as, So In Love With You, that featured Gerideau and Shawn Benson. It is regarded as the first track to feature two male singers in a duet in house music worldwide: It was first performed alongside one of the pioneers of American dance music, DJ Tony Humphries at the Ministry of Sound club and it has since been re-released by Norman Jay, (awarded an MBE by the Queen of England for his work within music), for the 30th Anniversary of the internationally recognised event, the Notting Hill Carnival. It has been subsequently released on CD and vinyl on Strut Records and various dance music albums; securing Dee C'rell's place in the history of American and British house music.

In techno music, he has collaborated with Ian Tregoning; known also for his work with artists such as Yello and Underworld, amongst many others in electronic music. As Stranger and C-rell, they signed to the iconic record label, Freetown and Subwoofer, which was home to many of the most influential figures in dance music, and released the classic remix of Jocelyn Brown’s, I like it like that. Released as Drum Whispers, the track is the first tribal techno-electro club tracks of its time, and is mentioned as an influence by many of today's Chicago based DJs and producers who have a vast knowledge within techno: it is now a collector's item within electronic music.

Dee C'rell has also composed in break beat and drum 'n' bass music in its primary stages, and recorded with Subject 13 on the record labels, Sony, and Underground Level Recording. Releasing Techno City, The Unique Beatz E.P Vol.1 and Stay Blessed., these record releases were at the forefront of the British break beat scene and inadvertently became part of a music culture's  that became known today as, drum 'n' bass. 

Current Music

Dee C’rell’s music constantly appears on a variety of record labels and radio stations within electronic and acoustic music, and his name is synonymous within contemporary, downtempo, lounge, jazz, ambient, chill-out, house and tech-house, amongst other music genres. He is considered as  one of the most respected contempoary musicians in modern electronic music and as a pianist he, is endorsed by the prestigious German piano company, Bechstein.  

He currently owns the contemporary art record label, Holm Records, which releases many of Dee C'rell's compositions and collaborations with artists . He has released a variety of works on Holm Records and also on  CD’s and digital albums; such as, Ministry of Sound in the U.K and Germany. Embassy of Music, KARE, Jockey-Club, El-Tiburon, Abstrait, EMI’s Chillout 6 P.M, ROBA, Fromlelli, Ozella Records, Lounge Du Soleil, Future Jazz CafĂ©, Dreamusic, Klassik Lounge Nightflight, Nu Cool Jazz Vibes, Lingerie Lounge, Chillinglounge, Sapphire Lounge and many more, earning Dee C'rell notable global recognition. 

He continues to release electronic and acoustic music on Holm Records and also on other non-exclusive record labels within a variety of genres. Dee C'rell also remixes for some of the most prominent artists within various forms of electronic and acoustic music making practices. 


As a DJ, in 2011 and 2012, Dee C'rell became recognised as one of the most popular DJ's in contemporary music via online radio. With his radio show entitled The Presents Show, it quickly became one of the most successful shows worldwide, subsequently promoting a unique and diverse range of electronic and acoustic music from around the world. You can listen to shows every week on Zen FM live from Ghent in Belguim, and also at the world famous Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo