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London - Berlin - Hamburg

Dee C'rell

London - Berlin - Hamburg

Dee C'rell [pronounced Dee Ce-Rell] was born in Hackney and grew up in Shoreditch, central London. He is a professional music composer, pianist and keyboard player, electroacoustic composer, sound designer, installation artist, remixer, DJ, photographer, writer and academic.

Dee C'rell composes and releases music worldwide in a variety of genres and is a leading expert on contemporary electro-acoustic jazz, for which he is acknowledged for the coined terminology for academic study.  

He currently spends his time between Germany and the U.K as a professional composer and musician. He is signed to both IMAGEM and ROBA. 

Read about the history of Dee C’rell here >>

Holm Records

Contempoary Music Label

Holm Records was established in 2011. The label was primarily created for Dee to create his own music, but as time progressed, Holm Records established itself as  a hub for creative people who also contribute to many of the releases.

The label has no real significant defining genre, and is instead, structured around the concept of contemporary music making in both electronic, and acoustic form.

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Holm Records

Latest Music

Cello und Klavier Editionen 

Klavier Editionen

The Absent Filmmaker



Dee C’rell radio show on Zen FM. Dee C’rell appears at number one in the German compilation charts with two compositions. Dee C’rell endorses Bechstein pianos >>


The latest compositions to be released on Holm Records are: Cello und Klavier Editionen, Klavier Editionen. Fault Machine. More music here >>


You can read about Dee’s upbringing as a child and how he became a musician and recording artist while growing up in Shoredtich, Hackney here >>


The most recent compilations worldwide are: Ministry of Sound, Le Cafe Abstrait, KARE, ROBA, El-Tiburon, Le rythme abstrait. Jockey Club Ibiza

Music Compilations

Dee C’rell - Holm Records

Dee C’rell features on a vast amount of CD's and digital compilations worldwide and as an established artist. His music enthuses a variety of electronic and acoustic related music,.

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Latest Music Compilations

Media and Branding

Dee C'rell

Dee C’rell is honoured to be associated with a diverse range of the most unique and elegant products in the world.

Ranging from one of the most iconic groundbreaking jewellers in the history of jewellery making, Harry Winstone, to the sounds that accompany in-flight entertainment on Delta airlines, Dee C’rell’s music is found worldwide.

To contact and discuss the use of compositions worldwide, or for requests regarding original music, please contact us here >>

Media Clients

Worldwide Brands

DJ - Dee C'rell

The Presents Show

In 2011, Dee C’rell began his radio show on UK radio, presenting contempoary music from around the world. This show became known as The Presents Show, and quickly earned rave reviews from listeners.

After two years of Saturday night shows, Dee began to appear as a guest on some of the most respected radio stations in contempoary music. 

You can find his exclusive weekly radio show at Zen FM and on digital T.V. live from Ghent, in Belgium every Thursday 7 p.m.  CET time which Dee co-hosts with Lara Potthoff. 

You can also catch radio shows broadcasted at the Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo and also at Soundportal live across Austria.

For radio or DJ requests, or for submitting music, please contact Dee here >>

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